We adapt to your way of thinking, delivering your message with The Glass Hive sting, without losing the characteristics or essence of your brand values. It is our job to elevate your profile by sharing your story, inviting your audience to become a part of your business journey as you continue to flourish!

Your business is not a secret to be kept


We set up a discovery consultation, which is an opportunity for us to listen and learn more about your business and its competitors and answer any questions you may have.


Creating a #buzzoflove around businesses and brands is second nature to us. Based on our competitive analysis of your competitors’ marketing strategies, we’ll assess effectiveness of techniques, identify untapped opportunities and create relevant, engaging content that appeals to your audience.


We engage the media and micro-influencers, through developed campaign activities as part of outreach strategy and publishing of content, that caters to your business needs, reflects your brand, delivers your key messages and generates real results.


Hello! I am Nadia Haynes.

Founder and Director of The Glass Hive. We’re here to help you crystalize your business ideas and clarify your brand message to your clientele.

It’s important to me for you, to establish a healthy, solid foundation that encourages business growth and puts your brand and its services in the strongest position in the marketplace.

Your business is special, it brings people together and I’m here to help you tap into those friendships that convert leads into revenue and sustained brand loyalty.


By going public with you! You have an incredible story behind your business that must be seen, heard and felt. It’s time to share it with your audience.

Let’s start a conversation.