Life is a reflection of our thoughts, what we believe to be true about ourselves and our attitude. Given the current global event, it can be easy to become fearful, negative and cynical toward the world without even noticing. With the continuous exposure to adversity, panic buying and social-distancing that we are experiencing, we can quickly start to encounter despair and distress. Not only will a negative attitude prevent you from experiencing a content life, but it can also have a significant effect on your health, wellbeing and environment. Here are five ways to cultivate a positive mindset. 


Journal. Journal. Journal.

An unpleasant interaction (online or offline) can overshadow the enjoyable parts of your day, including your rest. With this in mind, please do not run to social mediums as the first point of call (the frill of distractions will not last)! Choose to focus on yourself and the good parts of your day intentionally. Reach for a pen and notepad, if you are fancy, a journal, and write down five things that you are grateful for or that you have achieved and see how your attitude changes. Just One Line A Day is all it takes.


Reframe Those Challenges

There are no dead ends, only re-directions #newroadsnewrivers. It is all about mindset, get into it. Do not allow uncontrollable situations to render you helpless. Learn to control the energy you put in and have fun with the challenges that you encounter. Welcome challenges as a new adventure rather than attempting to resist the stretching – growth is on the other side. 


Use Positive Words to Describe You and Your Life

‘Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me’. “The Lie Detector Determined That Was a Lie”. S/O to Maury Povich. Your words have a lot more power than you think. Do you remember discovering the sound of your own voice could create a ripple effect in the bathwater as a child? Up to 60% of the human adult body is water. What internal waves have you been stirring up lately, Sir/Madam? How you speak about yourself and your life even in jest has a rippling impact on your day-to-day. Your mind and body hear what you say about yourself and your circumstances. If you describe your life experience as hopeless, tedious, ‘dead’, busy, and chaotic, that is precisely how it will be – like cloudy, unfiltered water. However, if you consciously use the words familiar, adventurous, or exciting, you will see and experience a healthier disposition. “Live young“, be kind, to yourself. 


Excercise Social-Distancing from Other People’s [Soap] Operas

The Warsaw School of Social Psychology conducted a study and found that complaining lowers your mood, prompts negative emotions, and a decrease in life satisfaction and optimism. Do NOT let the pessimism of others bring you down. If you don’t join in the chorus of complaining, others will start to complain less [around you at least] as a result. Draw the curtain. 


Good Morning – #ChooseYourOrderOfTheDay 

The outcome of TODAY can be directly affected by your words, thoughts and actions when you wake up. Your morning sets the tone, which makes it essential to create a positive mindset. You are the thermostat. Mentally leap out of your jimjams (pyjamas) with excitement and enthusiasm and see how it affects the rest of your day. Moving your mindset from negative to positive can have a dramatic impact on your life. Not only does a positive mindset trigger happiness and confidence, but it can help you achieve your goals for the day. Cultivate a positive mindset and watch how your outlook and life changes for the better.



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