When it comes to developing a brand for your business, there are several ways to approach the process. One of the most significant decisions you will have to make, though, is whether you, plan to be a focal part of your branding. I know, it sounds daunting, many business owners and executives want to hide behind their brand in the beginning. But honestly, the question is, will you be the brand?

Personal Brands Done Well

You may be asking what does a ‘personal brand’ actually look like? A good example would be to take a look at The Tim Ferriss Show. Its a very successful and popular site in the fitness and self-development niche birthed out of the ‘4-Hour Workweek’ blog.

While ‘The 4-Hour Workweek’ is a brand in itself, the website is also canvased with photos of Tim and his name generally. In this way, he has become inseparable from his brand hence the name.

The same thing can be said if you look at the MoneySavingExpert™‎ Blog by Martin Lewis – whose name is right up there on his website banner. If you’re a Brit, Mr Lewis has likely helped you out at some point. Both of these individuals regularly appear on mediums, such as TV, podcasts and in YouTube videos, affording their audience the opportunity to get to know them.

Then you have a global powerhouse, Oprah, whose name and brand are inseparable. Having built trust between herself and her audience over the years, from all walks of life, they welcome her advice and buy into her recommendations. Should your product or services feature on ‘Oprah’s annual Favorite Things list’, prepare for your business to see a considerable spike in its sales.

Why This Works

If you’re aiming to build authority and trust, like Tim Ferriss or Martin Lewis in a particular niche and or industry, then having a personal brand is an excellent strategy. Personal brands are particularly memorable – our brains evolve to remember names and faces far more than stray words and titles.

Likewise, should you choose to use your name and face, you’ll give your brand instant personality as well as inspire more trust. You are essentially ‘staking your reputation’ on what you say and do. Your audience will feel inclined to visit your website, social media channels or to contact you directly if ever they have any questions. All this helps to inspire trust.

Are you ready to ’embody’ your message, values, service or product? Personal brands work even better if you can. If your niche is fitness, then you ought to be in great shape, mentally and physically. If your niche is beauty, then you need to have an attractive appearance – etc.

By doing this, you can stand out from the crowd, and at once become a shining example and proof that your product, services or techniques work.

Lastly, building a personal brand can ultimately become a springboard to notoriety – a global phenomenon like Oprah perhaps. If you envision your name and brand being inseparable, then this strategy is a must! Become your brand.

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